John Wilkes Booth Records started in 2009 with the release of Billy Raygun's "Seasick" 7". Since then, we've done about a half dozen releases, with about a half dozen more in the works at the moment. We release media on vinyl, cassette, and compact disc, as well as free digital download for the majority of our releases. Yes, we know that it is a stupid name for a label, and no, we're not a bunch of racists waiting for the south to rise again. If you really want to know the dumb story, email me.

Since Summer 2011 and the release of JWB-007, we've had a "frequent co-conspirator" status with Bloated Kat Records. We've combined distros and releases for easy consumption. You'll notice that the JWB webstore is the first place and primary source for all Bloated Kat releases. You can find more information about Bloated Kat at 2013 EDIT: This relationship has dissolved but I'm not erasing it because why forget the memories?

We're not currently looking for any demo submissions, but if you really want you can mail something to us.

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John Wilkes Booth Records
373 S. Willow St.
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Manchester, NH 03103

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