Billy Raygun &
Lipstick Homicide

Split 12"
1st Pressing: 300 on mixed color vinyl with double-sided screen printed covers, June 2011. OUT OF PRINT.
2nd Pressing: 500 on transparent green vinyl with full color glue pocket covers, March 2012.

Split Cassette
1st Pressing: 100 on black cassettes, April 2012.

A split-label effort with Bloated Kat Records.

Billy Raygun
1. The Plan
2. Same Animal, Different Disorder
3. Absolutely Not!
4. March 26th
5. The Selfish Shellfish (What Are We Gonna Do Now?)
6. Giles Corey
7. Ashheap

Lipstick Homicide
1.The Annexation Of Puerto Rico
2. Moody's Point
3. Everything = A Lie
4. Calling In Dead
5. Bite My Tongue
6. In Your Place
7. Prom

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